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How To Play
This How To assumes you know the basics of Yahtzee (three rolls per turn etc). For more information on Yahtzee you can check the Yahtzee wiki page.

With the addition of Yahtzee we have a new type of user in our ranks, namely the GameAdmin. The GameAdmin can initialize a new Yahtzee game and invite players to join the game before it actually begins. During the game the GameAdmin doesn't do a whole lot (possibly he/she is playing along too). But the GameAdmin can decide to remove a player from the game if the player misbehaves, (or got disconnected, had to leave, etc...) and the GameAdmin wants the game to continue.

So, lets say the GameAdmin has invited you to the game, you get the option to accept or decline the invitation. For a start, all action that has to be done for a game of Yahtzee has to state /yahtzee (or /yz for short and quick usage). In this example we will accept the invitation otherwise this help would be kind of pointless. To accept, type:

/yahtzee accept
"System: [YahtzeePlugin] You have accepted the invitation."

After all the players have accepted/declined their invitations the GameAdmin will decide when a good time is to start the game. The first one to be invited to the game is the first one to start (this might change later to add a random order). Assuming you are the first player to start the game you will be asked to type "/yahtzee roll". After a roll, you (and all others in the room) will see in the chat what your roll had as a result. For example:

/yahtzee roll
"System: [YahtzeePlugin] User rolled 1,4,4,5,3."

After a roll you will have to specify which ones you want to keep. (This will also determine the number of dice you have for your next roll). Say you want to keep the 3,4 and 5 from the example roll, for a small/large straight, you have to type:

/yahtzee keep 3,4,5
"System: [YahtzeePlugin] User kept 3,4,5."

So, now we have had our first roll and kept three of the five dice. The next roll will automatically only roll two dice.

/yahtzee roll
"System: [YahtzeePlugin] User rolled 1,5."

That roll seemed pretty useless, even though the chance on a Large Straight is pretty slim, we still have a fair shot at a Small Straight. Let's try it, we first have to specify that we still want to keep those dice.

/yahtzee keep 3,4,5
"System: [YahtzeePlugin] User kept 3,4,5."
/yahtzee roll
"System: [YahtzeePlugin] User rolled 6,6."

Yes! That did the trick. A Small Straight, let's save it to the Small Straight field (30 points!). Do so by typing:

/yahtzee save smallstraight "System: [YahtzeePlugin] Player User saved to field `smallstraight`."

To save to a field, specify the field name in lowercase. Also, the fields for the ones, twos etc are named `one`, `two`, etc. Saving to a field automatically puts the turn in the next player's hands.

Good to know

Sometimes a turn ends up as completely useless. This means (if your chance field is used) you have to skip a field. To do this you first have to say that you are keeping NO dice. After that you can save to any field that is not used yet, and it will save 0 points for that field. To do so, type the following:

/yahtzee keep none
"System: [YahtzeePlugin] User kept none."
/yahtzee save yahtzee
"System: [YahtzeePlugin] You skipped the field for yahtzee.`."

After every player has all his/her fields filled, the game will end. The Winner will be announced followed by all the other players in order of their score.

If you want to see your current results during the game you can type: "/yahtzee score". If you want an overview of all the players results so far during the game you should type: "/yahtzee id", then copy the ID that it output and paste that behind the URL of your current chat.

Special Thanks

To Jerry for helping me test it and getting rid of a couple of nasty bugs.

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