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Creating your own Chat

Getting Started

Free For All vs. Private Room

A Free For All room is available to any registered BeSeen user. Anyone can register for free, so anyone (except globally banned people) can get to your chatroom if you check the Free For All checkbox.

A Private room is only accessible for the BeSeen users that you give access to. The chat access can be manage from the `My Chats` page. You can change your chatroom from Free For All to Private whenever you want.

Enabling bots

Bot can be enabled in your room, they can be trigger with `/think`. There is also a chance they start talking while lurking/chatting. They might also respond to their name.

Linked Rooms

When creating or modifying a chat room you can choose to link your room to one of the Broadcast rooms. What this means is that whenever a post is made through your room, it will show up in all the rooms that are linked to the Room you linked to as well. You basically share the room with other room owners, except you get to pick your own colors. Avatar displays are independent, so only people who posted through your room will show up in your rooms avatar frame.

Using the Linked room option is an easy way to make sure there are always people in your room and makes sure that people keep coming back to chat.

Choosing your Colors

Colors are entered as Hexadecimal values, since not everyone knows how they work, we've add a color picker next to each field. Press the button with the # to open the color picker and selected the color you want.


We currently have three different sets of emoticons to pick from:
  • Yahoo! Emoticons: These were created by Yahoo! and are used within the Yahoo! Messenger IM system.
  • Tweakers.net Emoticons: Created by Tweakers.net. There are some funny emoticons available from this set.
  • Dalines Emoticons: Created for Dalines By Night. Prefered emoticons set for chats with dark background, there are only a limited number of different emoticons

You can pick one of these sets for your chat room, you can change between them whenever you want. Tho changes might not immediately show up for your chatroom users.

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