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BeSeen Clone History

A few months after BeSeen closed it's doors on the 19th of August in 2002, a few beseen-like chats were put up on dalines.net. There was not a whole lot of activity in the 4-5 rooms that were available. The rooms that were available on beseen.dalines.net included The Mosh Pit and Entertainment. Click here to see a screen shot of the former beseen.dalines.net website.

In November 2006 the server on which beseen.dalines.net was running crashed and the chats were gone. I got a request from some lady to resurrect The Mosh Pit cause they were using it. I didn't know people were using those chats on dalines. The Mosh Pit was put back online.

By the end of December 2006 the front page was changed to look like the original Looksmart BeSeen. From that time on people have been finding their way back in here.

~ Marten

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